Sunday, January 31, 2016


I know, I know, I'm in the wrong season but I just love doing Bucilla Christmas Stockings !!  I'll be doing them throughout the year so everyone will have a stocking this year.

There's something different about this snow!   It's perfect for our Aussie Christmas which is right in the middle of summer.

This stocking is heading overseas to my son and his financee in London to remind them of Christmas back home.

This Santa reminds me of building sand castles and playing volleyball on the beach - I love the little details they include like his thongs and cute 

He's a very sun smart Santa, laying under the umbrella to avoid sunburn plus he has his glasses if needed.

Only have two more stockings in my stash to do, then I'll be on the hunt for more designs.


Christine Barnsley said...

What a beautiful stocking Dawn! They look like a lot of fun to make and you have done a great job! Christine x

Noela said...

Lovely to have a stocking that is so Aussie. Beautiful work. hugs.....

sigisart said...

My goodness what a completely cool and chilled Santa!!!
I love him!

Renee said...

How cute! Lovely work. Your summer Santa makes me smile. How darling! It also triggers a fun memory.

We traveled to see my sister several years ago and on our flight home, we ended up with a two or three hour delay. As we sat with our boys, waiting for our flight to be announced, we saw a gentleman with shoulder-length silver hair and a long, soft silver beard walking through the terminal. It was the middle of summer and the gentleman was wearing a red and white Hawaiian print shirt, shorts, and sandals. My youngest son's jaw dropped as he saw "Santa" walking our way. Seeing my son's stare, Santa stopped long enough to shake my youngest son's hand and to wink at my eldest son and then he continued on his way.

Donna Spiller said...

just love it Dawn.... you are so very clever.

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