Thursday, March 21, 2019


I have discovered the joys of sewing with felt after attending a Wendy Williams class at my local quilt shop.   How quickly things come together when there is no need to worry about unfinished edges....bliss

Deciding on one of Wendy’s patterns called Round The Garden, and selecting a navy background, I have begun the mammoth task of creating this beautiful quilt/wall hanging.

Here is my progress so far,

First quarter well under way
Close up of the flower basket
Second quarter completed

Close up of a beautiful combination for my flower, I also did a cast-on bullion to border the edge.
Another new edge - rosette stitch
First two blocks completed.
I know it’s such a large project but I’m discovering some lovely combinations for making circles.  I have decided to make simple diagrams so I remember how to make them.  Here are a few to start with :-

These flower diagrams are all done with combinations of the Fly-Stitch.  By changing directions and adding other stitches, the combinations are endless.  Once the circle is stitched, I then sew it to the background and then its fun to decide what the edging stitch will be.  I particularly love the cast-on bullion stitch (as seen in the Sue Spargo craftsy class)  I'll keep playing around to see what appears !

I have decided to complete one half at a time, so my next step is to add the lighthouses and houses around the outside and fill in the flower circle (so many flowers to make!)

Bye for now


  1. Wow! This is such a beautiful project Dawn! Love it! I love Sue Spargo's Craftsy Class and I like working with woolfelt too! Must make time to make another wool project soon. I have no excuse with that beautiful Wendy Williams book you sent me. Thank you!! Christine xxx

  2. I love this project - it is on my "wonder if I will ever get to it" list - but on a navy background it is even more stunning - good job you!

  3. So very beautiful. I love how this looks!

  4. Eu quero aprender a bordar. Comecei cedo no primário. Mas os rumos de minha vida foram árduos e agpra aqui estou com 70 com artrose e reumatismo nas mãos.


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