Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Pattern: Babies by Amy Bradley  http://www.amybradleydesigns.com/baqupa.html
Material:  Own Choice

I haven't as yet, mentioned my sewing inspiration and that is Kate and her staff at Kates Sewing Center in Bundoora.  Lucky for me, I was able to get into a Patchwork Class called Grandma's Quilt back in February this year and this has seen me off and running with all my Patchwork inspirations.

The Grandma's Quilt class is only once a month and as it is August now,  most of the blocks are finished and waiting to be all sewn together.  This is my first attempt at not only applique work but also free motion quilting!!!!

As you can see, we opted to do a Quilt-As-You-Go for this project so we could do the free-motion without too much of a struggle on a large size quilt.  The pattern was from Amy Bradley Designs.

BABY IN PRAM - My favourite block - I did paisley free motion on the background.


BABY IN CAR - This one has what I call 'Lollipops' in the background because they reminded me of Stop Signs and I thought that was appropriate.


 BABY IN BOAT - The quilting on the background really stands out on the plain fabric.


 BABY IN PUSHER - This free motion was a variation on stippling with flowers thrown in.


 BABY IN WAGON - Loved the brickwork on the background, it really suited the fabric colours


 BABY IN SWING - Free motion on this one was a continuous spiral .

There is one more block to come and then I begin to assemble all the blocks into one fantastic looking cot quilt !! 


Lauren Harri said...

Love the baby in car and baby in pusher. The panels would make a wonderful baby floor mat

Connie said...

What sweet blocks! Thanks for sharing!

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