Saturday, October 25, 2014

PATCHWORK LOVES EMBROIDERY S.A.L. - Project #5 - Cinnamon Bag

This is our final project for the Gail Pan Embroidery Loves Patchwork Sew-A-Long (boohoo)  What a fabulous time we have had and a terrific bunch of girls joined in.

Thanks to our organizer Martina from Sunshine Quilting who did a great job in linking us up each fortnight.  Also thanks to Christine from Patchwork Allsorts who started a Pinterest Board for this group. 

I think this little bag is one of my favorites, just because I love the colors so much.  They are a bright turquoise matched with a chocolate brown.  I did change the design a little by making a matching drawstring rather than use a cord. 

As the Sew-A-Long went on, I actually think I improved my embroidery skills.  I am doing much better at needle turning, I can almost get a perfect circle, just a little more practice. 
Here are my four other finished projects, very happy that I accomplished them all......... 
Finally, a big thanks to all the other bloggers who participated, I really enjoyed meeting you all xxxx

PATCHWORK LOVES EMBROIDERY S.A.L. - Project # 4 - Sewing Bag

I had this one made well in advance of this weeks link-up.  I knew it would be a very busy time with Jakes 1st birthday coming up and my sewing girls weekend away. (I cant post about this yet, there's still more girls to go on one in October and its a secret).  Had a fantastic time, worked really hard and I promise to show you what we made later.

Back to the Sew-A-Long, for my fourth project, I decided on the Sewing Bag with drawstring.

My girlfriend in Queensland bought some material for me at a really good price (who can resist a bargain) and sent it down to me so I thought, perfect for my little bag.

It is a combination of oranges, yellows and browns.  Certainly a little bit different.  Surprisingly the redwork panel actually went quite well with the colours so that was a success.

I was a little disappointed with the placement of the stitching panel.  I should have measured more accurately because the bag actually sits on the stitching a little bit.

Love the drawstring topper, it gives heaps more room in the bag for whatever you choose.  I think I will use it to take my latest sewing project around with me.

PS  For those who love hand embroidery, Jenny from ELEFANTZ is starting a Stitchery Club, why not check it out.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Have you ever taken on so much so quickly that you dont know where to turn to first??

Well I started a new Rosalie Quinlan embroidery class earlier this month and have been busy working on that project PLUS I am still committed to the Gail Pan SAL for my last project due next week (could be a little late...oops) PLUS still attending classes for my Heirloom Quilt Blocks PLUS now I have enrolled with Kathy from Shawkl for a Crazy Quilt Beginners Class (I think I might be crazy too)

This is an on-line class over approx 5-6 weeks working at your own pace.  We will learn how to design and piece a crazy quilt block plus all the embellishments.  I am especially looking forward to the Silk Ribbon Embroidery as I have never done this before.

Here is the block that we are all working towards making.  Its absolutely beautiful and I cant wait to start embroidering mine.

Photo taken from Shawklclasses.blogspot

As we finish each module/class, we post our work onto the blog shawklclasses and then receive instructions for the next stage.

Everyone is working at their own pace and there is no pressure to keep up.

Its a credit to Kathy as she has over 70 students this time and everything is so organised and professional.  I can tell she has done this many times before.

After the beginners class is complete, you can then progress to an intermediate class where we learn even more.

Take a look at the blog, you might want to join up next time.

I'll post each stage of my lesson so you can see how I'm going.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Was looking forward to doing lots of stitching on Friday night but then an invitation came in to go out for dinner...... who am I to say no!  Had a lovely Turkish feast with friends and then came home to relax and fit a little stitching in and finish my quilt.

This certainly was the smallest quilt I will ever do and only measures about 3" x 5", looks a funny shape but there's a reason........

3" x 5" Quilt

First I embroidered all the features of each little square while they were still one big piece of felt.

Then I cut out each little individual coloured square and then stitched them onto the backing felt.  It was a job but luckily they all went together snuggly.

Here's the finished quilt on Santa's lap.
All Snug on Santa's lap

My stocking is almost finished, just the backing to go on and the name embroidered.  I have another one waiting in the wings and hopefully I'll finish that before Christmas too.

Thanks to Cheryll at Gone Stitching for hosting another FNwF -  good to see so many lovely projects.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


I know I have posted a pic of my latest Buckle Bag on my Around The World Blog post,  but I just wanted to show you a few more pics and explain about my process.  I love the Venetian material and it could have been matched with black or even grey or gold.  I am more of a vibrant contrast girl, so I went with the bright red with black buckle.

Its a favorite pattern of mine by Leesa Chandler and it comes together very easily.  This time I used a bag wadding to give it more strength and its able to stand up all on its own (my others just collapsed on themselves)

Close up of Quilting
 I quilted the front, bag and sides using a triple straight stitch in a 2" diagonal diamond pattern.  Took a while to do the quilting but I used my quilting guide on the walking foot so I didn't have to measure all those lines.

Reverse with pocket
There is a large pocket across the back which is lined in the solid red material and another two pockets on the inside.  I even put a magnetic stud on the inside to hold the bag closed.

Inside view
Each time I make a bag, I learn something new to improve it.  I think I should have it perfect the next time.  This time I made my own handles rather than use solid pre-made ones and I think I like mine better.

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