Sunday, September 20, 2015


My McKenna Ryan quilt - Bella Garden is a long term project and I am very happy to say, she is almost finished !!!

Thanks to Wendy of Sugarlane Designs,  I spent Friday night  getting the binding ready (there is so much of it!), now all I have to do it put it on.  I just couldn't wait to show you the photos, now that she is back from Mandy my great long-arm quilter friend.

It has taken me almost 2 years to stay on track and keep going, but its worth it now.

Just love the centre panel with those gorgeous flowers and sweet butterflies.

Mandy did a wonderful job of filling in the background with Ricky Doodles (thats what I call them??)  and swirls all around the border... Lovely

I love feathers so I asked to have some put in and look what she came up with.  (I've just noticed  I need to  embroider a little eye on my mouse..oops).

Check out the water fill quilting that goes all around the gorgeous blue water and sky.

My favorite part is the Wisteria, very time consuming to do but it came up a treat.

If you would like to see my progress making this quilt, check out my Bella Garden label on the side, to see how each block came into being  Or pop on over to the McKenna Ryan Group here to see other terrific McKenna Ryan projects

This one is going in the entry hall when its finished.  Its too nice to hide away in a cupboard so I have Mr H rearranging furniture so I can find a wall big enough to hang her.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Last year Mr H and I ventured over to the USA and Canada.  After the 17 hour flight (its such a long way from Australia to anywhere!) we arrived in Vancouver, Canada.  We took a Scenic tour of the Rockies and then a Princess Cruise up to Alaska.

Of course with any holiday, I was anxious to visit as many quilt shops as I could find and lucky for me, I found a couple each stop on the Cruise in Alaska.

I thought what a wonderful way to remember the holiday by buying some material which highlighted the animals found in that part of the world; Moose, Wolves, Bears, Eagles etc...

I came home and stashed my material and forgot all about it (probably got lost in my sewing room).

This winter which has been rather colder than usual, Mr H asked for a quilt so the dogs would sit on his lap.  What a perfect 'man quilt' my Alaskan material has made:

I had purchased panels of animals and also some coordinating brown and blue material.

All I had to do was add the black borders and a few flying geese for colour and there you have it.

Very simple and quick to assemble and I even did the quilting myself (I'm getting braver)

I can even say we saw some of these animals in the wild, brown bears running alongside the train into Jasper, a Moose (minus the antlers) in Banff, lots of birds everywhere but no Wolves!!

Mr H and the dogs, are very happy and there's more room in my sewing room for the next addition of material - everyone's happy :)

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Just thought I'd do a short post to show you my finished 'Blackbirds' that I was learning with Kellie Wulfsohn

I know I had showed you the raw edge applique and I was about to have a go at the free-motion quilting........well here she is all framed up.

As you can see, I am extremely happy (sorry about the photo quality)

Here are some close ups of the quilting

The swirls aren't all perfect but overall the bad ones are hidden amongst the good ones.  Once its up on the wall, no-one will notice (I hope)

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Well that was a relaxing Friday night and along with all the other bloggers, which is kindly organised by Cheryl  here is what I got up to......

Now that Jake will be two this Christmas, he deserves a Christmas Stocking fit for a king, and what better than a Train Stocking!!!  I love making Bucilla Felt Stockings so I have allowed plenty of time (cos they do take a while) to do this one

If you have never done a Bucilla before, I have shown a little of what to do:-

  1. Start with a pattern, it might look complicated but if you break it down a little each night, you can do it!

   2.  Gather your equipment, needles - beading and applique, pins, scissors, threads, magnifying glasses (only if you need them, but you probably will), sequins and beads.

My Sequins and bead Box

   3.  Layout your pre-printed felt 

    4.  Follow the instructions, they detail which piece, thread colors, stitch, and sequin to use.

   5.  Once you have embellished your numbered piece with applique and sequins, you can then place onto the main piece and stitch in place.

Stocking in Progress

Oh and please dont think I did all that on Friday night (I'm not Superwomen), I only did his scarf (told you it takes a while) but I do love the fringing that is on the end of it.

Well thats what I got up to on Friday night, how about you???  I'll be over to see what you did throughout the week.

By the way, if you want to see my other Bucilla's check out the label 'Bucilla' on the side.

Happy Sewing

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