Thursday, February 26, 2015

GARDEN PARTY - 2nd Instalment

Time is flying by so fast, its the last day of summer tomorrow and I feel like we haven't even seen much of the warmer weather this year.

I've had lots on my plate this month and I had to miss my Gail Pan Sew-A-Long project this month....boohoo  and now I'm off to Vietnam for a couple of weeks so I doubt if I will get time to do anything for next month either.

I have managed to applique and embroider another couple of blocks for mums Garden Party Quilt.

Centre Piece Block

Sugar Bowl and Rose Basket

Of  course these blocks will be arranged differently when they are all sewn together, but I thought I'd show you some of the material that will be included around each block.

Well so long now for a couple of weeks, I'll be keeping check on your work but I doubt if I can post anything on sewing until I return.  I might be able to throw a couple of holiday snaps in just to make you a bit jealous haha.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


When I took up sewing again a few years back, I was so lucky to be included in a sewing group that meets every second Monday night to chat and catch up on each others sewing projects. 

I have made some wonderful new friends who inspire me every day and today I am so excited to show you some beautiful blocks that my sewing friend, Donna has made for her latest quilt 'Every Loving Deed' by Blue Willow Cottage.   You can find the pattern here.

The blocks are a combination of applique, embroidery and patchwork and each one has an inspirational quote or message of some kind.

Just love the little bees on this one.

Look at the embroidered climbing roses on this one - just exquisite!

Even the snowman looks happy.

How true are all the little messages.

Gorgeous quilt hanging out to dry

Another beautiful message, 

There is even a lovely lace cloth on this one.

Finally a summary of the lovely messages sewn in this one block.

The nine blocks will come together with borders that are embroidered with garlands of leaves and flowers (Donna is still working on these, as you can imagine, they take quite a long time).

I just love the  colors that she has chosen and her work is just beautifully done.  I could look at each block for hours and marvel at it.

Hope you liked her achievements as much as I did,  and I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


How remiss of me,  I signed up for FnWF and completely forgot to blog post my work....oops 

I took mum with me to Gail B's patchwork shop a few days ago, and she has selected her 80th birthday present....... a cute quilt by Teddlywinks called Garden Party.

I have a few months up my sleeve before I need it finished but I really wanted to get the bulk of it done before our holiday later this month.

Its a combination of patchwork, applique and embroidery....

Here's a sneek peak at the first two blocks.

Block 1 

Block 2

I'm using a layer cake called Country Orchard by Blackbird Designs.  It has a lovely mix of greens, blues and pinks.  

I'm finding that I have three parts to each block

1)     Trace designs, select colors, iron onto block.
2)     Machine applique using blanket stitch
3)     Hand embroider finishing touches.

I am laying out all the finished blocks and will then piece together with 3" x 3" squares.  Its just a matter of getting a good spread of each colour so the quilt looks balanced.  

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


On our girls last road-trip, I purchased a Teddlywinks pattern for my long cutting ruler and small cutting mat.   It has three ties along the top to secure the contents plus a pocket on the back for anything else you can fit in.  I'm sure it will be very useful on our girls sewing retreats.

I also picked up a bundle of fabric (on sale of course!) in lovely green and lemon tones.  Match this with the Country Threads for the embroidery, and viola........





This also gave me a chance to practice some quilting.  Using my walking foot you can see the pattern I did inside each front small square (sorry don't know the official name of this pattern).

I even managed to find a ladybird print in green for the inside lining...very lucky.

I will let you in on a secret...... originally I was making this for a gift on our sewing retreat but I loved it so much, I'm keeping it for myself.

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