Tuesday, April 28, 2015

SAL - Gail Pan

Hello bloggers, have you missed me???    I know I went on holiday to Vietnam in March (which was absolutely fabulous),  but its taken me a while to get back to blogging.

Just because I haven't been around, doesn't mean I haven't done anything (far from it!!)  Just last weekend, I went on a sewing girls UFO weekend.  I am so proud of myself, got three (3) quilts finished and ready for the quilter (I'll do another post about these later)

This post is dedicated to the lovely Gail Pan SAL.  Just before I went overseas, I did a stitching day together with other ladies, and I met Gail Pan, how exciting.  She is just so down to earth and chatted with everyone and well as giving us tips and projects. 

One of the projects that we received was this quaint stitchery display.  This is one I chose to do on the day and then I finished it off with bits and pieces from my sewing collection and popped it in a frame.

Then I wrapped it up and it was my secret present for the sewing girls UFO.  I think Cheryl who received my present was happy and last I heard, it was going up in her hallway.
Close up of Embroidery

I managed to grab a picture with Gail so I could show all the girls who are doing the SAL......

Gail Pan and me

And here are some of her lovely works that were on display. 

I was running out of Gail Pan patterns, but now that I did the stitching day, I have plenty of choices to go on with and they are all so lovely and simply.  Don't you just find them relaxing.....

Bye for now

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