Saturday, October 21, 2017

Modern Baby Quilt

I’m so used to either pastels or brights even pink or blue baby quilts, that I was totally out of my comfort zone when my girlfriend requested a modern grey and white only baby quilt.  No Applique or any other colours so I started thinking...what should I do.

They say simple is best so I went for s herringbone pattern with a soft grey with white crosses teamed with a solid white.  A very simple straight line quilting completed the look and I must admit, I was very happy with the end result.  My first modern quilt!!

Thursday, October 12, 2017


It’s so nice to get my finished quilt, Foxley Village, back from the talented Mandy who does my quilting.

What a stunner this project has turned out to be. A monthly project that was featured in Homespun Magazine last year made with Tilda fabric and comprised of both appliqué and machine pieced blocks.

I am still sewing on the binding but you can see how lovely this quilt is.  

Take a closer look at Mandy’s wonderful quilting, there is so much variety in patterns, I could look all day and still find a different one.

Just look at the difference the quilting makes.......

Quilted Block

Original Block

I’ve already made space on the wall for this one as I think it’s nice to display my quilts rather than hide them away, after all they end up costing a lot both in money and time.

If you ever think you can’t do a quilt like this, I suggest a BOM with a friend as each month you help each other with problems and ensure you finish on time and before you know it you’ve made a whole quilt over a 12 month period.  
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