Monday, April 11, 2016


I needed another long term project to start on (as if the 10's of other projects weren't enough) and I liked the look of the latest BOM from Homespun magazine.

Entitled Foxley Village, it is made with Tilda fabrics, my very first experience with Tilda...yah, and combines hand-turn appliqué and piecing blocks

The blocks are much larger in real life than they look in the magazine, which is handy as my needle turn work is not really good yet.  

First block ticked off the finished list


Second block was a pieced block

Third block, getting harder...more appliqué 

This block Is almost 16" high and it's almost complete. Just need to finish the fox and hang out the Open sign.

I trying not to fall behind but I've got one block to catch up and my next two have just arrived....better get sewing
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