Saturday, September 21, 2013


This coming weekend, I am going on my first Sewing Weekend Away with Kates Sewing Class girls.

Speaking to others who have been on the weekends before, it sounds like a lot of work but heaps of fun. We take our sewing machines and a list of supplies and  Kate has organised a heap of sewing projects to make.  I can't wait.  Our theme this year is Halloween so for the Saturday night dinner, we need to dress up and supply a little gift that we can all swap around.
As this is my first weekend away, I was a litle unsure about the gift that had to be handmade (no food items).  I thought long and hard about what to take and I decided anyone who likes to sew could always do with a Chair Caddie to hang next to them whilst watching TV and sewing.
Chair Caddie with embroidery

I found the shape of one from Pinterest and using plain homespun, quilted the main piece in diamonds.  Then I wanted to do something special, so I downloaded some embroidery patterns from and shrunk them to the size I needed.  My embroidery skills aren't great but I do think they came up quite nice with the matching blue edging.
Its true what they say - you learn something every day because initally I tried to bind using a normal strip of material.....big mistake - there was no way it was going to lay down flat so, thanks to google, I realised that I needed to use Bias Binding on curves and worked :)
Hopefully the person who receives my gift will enjoy it as much as I did making it.  Now I need to do one for myself!!!

Small posy on centre pin cushion.
Bird on fountain

Bluebirds on branch

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Material: Moda Charm Pack (Sorry forgot designer oops)

Hasn't the internet opened up the world of quilting - its so easy to pass the time by searching on Pinterest, blogs or web sites for an enormous number of ideas.  I found the Moda Bake Shop to be excellent for trying out patterns and thought I would give this Drunkards Table Runner a go

I went shopping for a Charm Pack and some co-ordinating material and even though it says 120-minute gift (which I am sure some people are able to do), I took my time and spread it over a few weekends. 

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