Thursday, November 20, 2014


Only two more tasks to learn on my Crazy Quilt Beginners Class - it has been a lot of fun learning the Silk Ribbon Flowers.

Here's Task #9 - pretty little blue flowers.  These flowers are made by using a 2mm Silk Ribbon and making a french knot and then piercing the needle in and out along the ribbon creating a fold, until you take the needle back through the material near where you came up.

The trick is not to pull the ribbon too tight or you end up with a small mess.  
Small Blue roses
Task #10 - We completed the rose climbing vine and flowers.  The leaves are made with 2mm ribbon and a japanese stab stitch.  Before you stab the end of the ribbon, you create a small rise by lifting the ribbon over something, I used a crotchet hook.  This makes the leave rise up and not lay flat giving more dimension to the work.

The Roses are made again using 2mm ribbon and  a French Knot together with three Flystitches.
Climbing Rose Vine

We learnt three different types of roses and each one gives a different look.  Next task is to put on all the beading and charms.

Block after Task #10

Monday, November 17, 2014


Its really not long to Christmas now and I've been frantically trying to get everything made.  Why do I leave it to the last minute?????

Here is Jake's Santa Sack finished all except for his name, which I will put on a tag and hang from the drawstring.

The pattern was from but instead of an applique panel on the front, I decided to do the Santa face in felt and decorate with sequins.  It seems to make the bag stand up a little better than just a sack.

Front of Santa Sack
Its a great design, with pockets at the back for all those books that Santa will leave, plus there's plenty of room for all the presents inside.

Rear of Santa Sack with pockets
The material is sooooo cute.  Its a little different with trains and quirky Christmas trees.

Plus it has a round base that enables it to stand up on its own.

Now all we need is Santa to stop by........which I am absolutely SURE he will do :) :) :)

PS:   Take a look at Vicki's blog button on my side bar for a link to the Grow Your Blog 2015 Day.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014


All the embroidery is done and now I have progressed to learning the Silk Ribbon Work.

Its not as hard as I thought it would be (better not speak too soon)  So far I have learnt the Iris and the Rose.  Take a look.......

Roses galore.......

Better than the real Iris !! 

I still have more Silk Ribbon Flowers to learn and then it will be on to the beading,

By the way, did you see that Kathy from Shawkl is running a Crazy Patchwork Journal Project for next year........I'm in !

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

CQJP2015 - Registrations Open

Kathy from Shawkl has opened up the registrations for next years Crazy Quilt Journal Project.  Each month you make and post a picture of your Crazy Quilt Sample.  For more information check out the blog

Saturday, November 1, 2014

CQBC - Half Way There

Remember my latest venture - The Crazy Quilt Beginners Class being held by Kathy over at Shawkl, well I have done all the seam embroidery and I am now waiting to begin the silk ribbon work.

Kathy's instructions are very detailed and we go right back to basics, learning how to mark our seams for each stitch and then how to do all the stitches and their combinations.

Embroidery finished

Close up of the little French Knot Flowers

Once all the silk ribbon work has been added, I will then go back and finish off some of the embroidery seams with beads and sequins.

I expect the block will be quite full by the end of the classes but what a terrific way to learn new ideas.  I can't wait until I finish each task and then I receive my next instructions.
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