Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I am in the middle of doing a class with the designer behind Don't Look Now, Kellie Wulfsohn.

Kellie has opened a beautiful shop in Fairfield called  Cutting Cloth and is running a Raw Edge Applique beginners class featuring her 'Blackbirds' design

It looks easier than it is (well for me anyway).  Going around the leaves three times ensures that you catch in the raw edges, I think I needed to go around a few more times especially on the curves.  Practice makes perfect and by the time I got to the birds and trunk, I felt a little better.

When all the leaves, birds and trunk  are on....phew took a while, then you sew the branches, leaf vein and birdies legs.

Its very important to hold a good tension on the material while you are doing the applique and my new quilting gloves helped a lot. This will ensure that your quilting will turn out without bumps (I hope)

Tomorrow is my last class and we are going to tackle the quilting.  I've been practicing drawing swirls all week and even had a practice on the machine.

I am not so sure how I'm going to get those swirls in between those little leaves?? but I am sure Kellie will hold the secret.  She has been a terrific bubbly teacher and very patient with us all.  Her teaching room is ideal and last week she even had fruit and fudge to try and inspire us......

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and if my project quilting is worthy, I might even post another picture of the finished job.

Bye for now

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


One of my UFO's is Hannah's Garden by One Day in May.  Its a 7-part pattern and I'm almost finished putting it together.

 Here are a few of my finished blocks

Most of the blocks have a combination of embroidery, needle-turn applique and 3D work.

Can you see the two rows of ecru stitching top and bottom?  This was new to me but gives it a beautiful finish.  You do a running stitch to the end, and then weave the embroidery thread back through the stitching line.  

I think the original design had different material, but when I went to buy the kit, there was a substitute piece.  I am still very happy with the colours and am eager to put it all together with the borders.

I must admit, I cheat a little on the needle-turn as I just can't seem to master the art.  I make the shapes first using applique paper which is water soluble and should partly dissolve when washed.  Then I applique the shapes directly onto my block.

Stay tuned for the full wall-hanging, I'll post the picture as soon as its done (dont hold your breathe, it could be a little while, there are quite a few UFO's......... LOL)

Happy sewing

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