Wednesday, September 2, 2020


 Now that I have finished Round The Garden and finding myself with lots of beautifully coloured felt left over, I went looking for something to make in felt.

Searching through Pinterest and then Etsy, I came across mmmcrafts.  Larissa designs patterns for some intricate felt pieces and the one series I chose to do was The Twelve Days of Christmas.

I selected a range of colours that I would use, and bought all the trimmings that I would need from Winterwood Toys in Croydon.

The first four ornaments:- 1) Partridge in a pear tree, 2) Turtle Dove 3) French Hen 4) Calling Bird

Each ornament has the number embroidered on the reverse.

Number 7) -Swans a swimming

Number 8) - Maids a Milking

Number 9-Drummers Drumming

Number 10) - Pipers Piping

Number 11) - Ladies Dancing

Number 12 - Lords a Leaping

Sunday, June 28, 2020


Finally, its finished!  Round the Garden designed by Wendy Williams was started January 2019 and whilst its been and on/off project, I have really enjoyed this quilt.

The quilt is all hand stitched with felt and embroidery.  I learnt so many new embroidery stitches and utilized the instruction of Sue Spargo on many of the designs.

Felt is such a forgiving medium to work and the beautiful bright colours always bring a pop to the quilt.  I've seen many versions of the quilt in the light background, but I always wanted to try a dark background and the Navy Linen that I used certainly did the trick.

The only difficult part of the job was the fact that it is worked as a whole quilt and the size of the top did cause a few problem is trying to balance everything on my lap at night.

I decided not to put a border around the quilt top and just finished the edge with a multi-coloured binding.  This kept the size down so that I can hang on my wall at home.

I didn't have to do alot for the quilting, as the work itself was the feature.  A stipple background on most of the areas did the trick.
For the water area, I did quilt wavy lines to create the feeling of water.

Love my little Rooster with the pistil stitch feathers on his back.  Also my favorite tree would have to be the Boab Tree underneath my rooster.

Colourful batik rainbow binding on the edge of the quilt.

I wouldn't want to count just how many French knots went into this quilt top!!

Have already started my next project, using up all the excess felt.....stay tuned.
Bye for now and happy sewing


Tuesday, June 23, 2020


I just love making these cute Monster cushions.  The pattern is by Kelly from  Cutting Cloth and although the pattern is for the quilt, there is also a cushion pattern included with it.

I decided to alter my colour palette for this one, and use pinks and purples for my granddaughters cushion.  Surprisingly once I posted on my Facebook page, I received a few requests for more cushions.  

New colour combination for my grand daughter.

Original colour combination 

One of each for a friends grandchildren.

Monday, June 15, 2020


Well I can finally show you the beautiful quilt that my sewing group, Bobbins, made for one of our members, Kate.  

When one of our ladies celebrate a major birthday, or even something else memorable, the girls all get together, behind her back, and make blocks that we feel represent her interests, and then put them together in a quilt which we then surprise her with.

Kate runs a sewing studio as well as being our gorgeous motivator and friend.  It was her 60th birthday and we all know she loves pinks and shabby chic.  We decided to use a quilt template and here is the finished quilt and  a few of the blocks the girls made: 

The centre block was a heart with all her family names embroidered around it.  We do a quilt label on the back with all our names and date so she can have happy memories.
Finished quilt
A 60th birthday celebration quilt

Quilted on my Simply Sixteen, my first custom quilt
Kate loves her caravan getaways

She also loves a wine or cocktail

Tulips are her favorite

Dressmaker is her profession

Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Back in May last year, my son and daughter-in-law presented to the world, a beautiful little girl whom they named Eleanor Celeste.  Although she is in London, I flew over to help out in the first few weeks and of course took with me, a quilt especially for her.

The request was for no  'girl' colours but very basic neutral colour and design.  We both agreed on this pattern KrisKross by Suzy Quilts which I purchased online in a peach, black & white palette.  A simply heart panto design was done by my regular quilter Mandy.

Reverse side 
I think we both love the reverse side best.    Thought I sneek a picture of Eleanor in,with her wool embroidery  blanket that I had previously made and took over with me .

Saturday, March 28, 2020


As I sit here isolated in my home, thanks to the spread of the Corona Virus-19, I have found time to again continue with my blog so I have a record of all the beautiful things that one can make given time and patience.

I retired from full-time work last July and haven't looked back.  With all the material I have been stashing for years, I find plenty to keep me busy (as well as my beautiful grandchildren).

A retirement gift to myself (which we all should do) was a Handiquilter Simply Sixteen longarm machine with the Little Buddy system.  I have had such fun learning free motion quilting on this machine and have even taken an online course by Natalia Bonner Lets Stitch Scalloped Borders.  Highly recommend this course via YouTube - I learnt so much which I am putting into practice.

Facebook is another resource for learning tips and tricks from the various groups that you can join.

So here is my latest Sewing Room with the Longarm machine all set up and ready to go.

Here is my practice quilt showing the beautiful Borders that Natalia's course taught me how to do. Of course they are not perfect, but at least I have the knowledge on how to do them now.

One of my girlfriends, put my in contact with the  Eastern Pallative Care organisation,  and along with my sewing buddies, we have been making quilt tops to donate to their clients.  More on my next post where I will show some of the donations so far...…..stay tuned and stay safe xxx

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Round The Garden Progress

Still working on my Wendy Williams, Round The Garden project.  I’ve completed three of the quarters plus I’ve filled in part of the middle Flower Garden and done a quarter of the outside houses circle....phew!

Still enjoying the felt work even though it feels endless, looking back at my previous blog post, I can see progress.

The lighthouses in each corner are delightful as are the various houses, trees and flowers around edge.  I could do a lot more embellishment on the houses but I just want to get as many done as I can, then I can go back and add little extras.

I’ve had to alter my colours from the original pattern as the Navy background doesn’t allow me to use some of the darker colours.  See my ginger and white rooster, he looks rather special I think.

3rd quarter complete

Progress on the outer circle

Sunday, March 31, 2019


As if I didn't have enough to keep me occupied, I enrolled in an Embroidery Class which also encompasses Stumpwork.  I have seen pictures of this beautiful craft but never thought I would be good enough to give it a go. 

With the help of a wonderful teacher, Pene, she compiled a simple project to get me underway. 

Here is the Pene's original project for me to copy, some small berries with a ladybird.

This project is a combination of surface work as well as detached embroidery.  Using an embroidery hoop, two layers of fabric are stretched tight, one is the background fabric and the other is a backing fabric.   First I laid down several threads which I covered by wrapping with a finishing thread, I then embroidered the two surface leaves in a satin stitch with  a button-hole edging.

Next the three small clusters of berries, are actually a small circle of material filled with French knots which is then gathered together to form a clump.   This is then sewn into place on the background fabric.

The five larger berries are simply clear beads covered with thread and a small seed bead attached onto the ends, these are then sewn onto the background fabric.

The detached leaf is made in a separate embroidery hoop with a wire which is encased using blanket stitch then filled with satin stitch.  The leaf is then cut from the fabric very very close to the stitching and using the wire end, poked through the background fabric and then this wire end is sewn down to the backing fabric.

The small ladybird is made the same way as the detached leaf using wire and bent into shape and attached. Using seed beads as eyes and small straight stitches for the legs, the ladybird comes to life.

I purchased a small wooden box (from Alison Cole's website)  with a lid that enabled me to insert my lovely embroidery so that I have a memento of my first piece of Stumpwork.

I am hooked !!!   I have already started a beautiful piece with a hummingbird and flowers but I will keep you posted on my progress. 

Bye for now.

Thursday, March 21, 2019


I have discovered the joys of sewing with felt after attending a Wendy Williams class at my local quilt shop.   How quickly things come together when there is no need to worry about unfinished edges....bliss

Deciding on one of Wendy’s patterns called Round The Garden, and selecting a navy background, I have begun the mammoth task of creating this beautiful quilt/wall hanging.

Here is my progress so far,

First quarter well under way
Close up of the flower basket
Second quarter completed

Close up of a beautiful combination for my flower, I also did a cast-on bullion to border the edge.
Another new edge - rosette stitch
First two blocks completed.
I know it’s such a large project but I’m discovering some lovely combinations for making circles.  I have decided to make simple diagrams so I remember how to make them.  Here are a few to start with :-

These flower diagrams are all done with combinations of the Fly-Stitch.  By changing directions and adding other stitches, the combinations are endless.  Once the circle is stitched, I then sew it to the background and then its fun to decide what the edging stitch will be.  I particularly love the cast-on bullion stitch (as seen in the Sue Spargo craftsy class)  I'll keep playing around to see what appears !

I have decided to complete one half at a time, so my next step is to add the lighthouses and houses around the outside and fill in the flower circle (so many flowers to make!)

Bye for now

Sunday, January 27, 2019


I know, I know, it’s been ages since my last post but you know what......I actually miss having a record of my stitching, so I’m back!

What have I accomplished over the last 12 months, well quite a bit but for now I wanted to show you my latest interest..... embroidery.  I have started a class which will teach me stumpwork and other embroidery skills.

As we have a new baby expected in May over in London, I have just finished a beautiful woollen blanket with the design by ‘windflower embrodery’  Not hard at all, even making the teddy from scratch from velour then stuffing him and attaching to the blanket.  It’s all in the instructions together with the embroidery guide.

Here’s a close up of the actual design

The only trouble I had was choosing the backing material, Gemma (mother-to-be) didn’t want anything traditional like pink, so I went with a gold/mustard colour with small white crosses.  

There really is nothing like a comfy woollen blanket for those cold nights in a London winter so I think ‘Baby H’ will be snug and warm this year.

Now onto the cot quilt and floor quilt......see you soon.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

UFO Weekend Away - Ballan

I really hope everyone has had the experience of a girls UFO weekend away like the one I have just had to Mill Rose Cottage in Ballan

Wonderful weather, beautiful setting, delicious food, inspiring craft and best of all lovely friends.

As this was a UFO we all took those numerous projects that were gathering dust just waiting to be finished.

I accomplished two complete finishes, so I was chuffed (my stash is getting smaller now)

Quite a while ago, I had done a class with Sue Weeks to make an embroidered bag.  Of course I had finished the embroidery (finally) but it took some extra coaching to turn it into a lovely tote bag

A visit to the AQC earlier last month saw me purchase a kit for a modern hexi table runner from Hugs N Kisses.  All material and iron-on hexis were included and this was another achievement on the weekend.

A tiring but exciting fun weekend, cant wait to do it all again soon


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Modern Baby Quilt

I’m so used to either pastels or brights even pink or blue baby quilts, that I was totally out of my comfort zone when my girlfriend requested a modern grey and white only baby quilt.  No Applique or any other colours so I started thinking...what should I do.

They say simple is best so I went for s herringbone pattern with a soft grey with white crosses teamed with a solid white.  A very simple straight line quilting completed the look and I must admit, I was very happy with the end result.  My first modern quilt!!

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