Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Now that I have mastered using Minki on the back of my quilts, I whipped up a modern baby boy quilt for the young mum to be, at work.

I went for a lovely peppermint and brown polar combination for the quilt top, and matched a Pooh Bear brown minki on the back.

Sometimes the simple designs are the best and I chose a triangle pieced top

I'm still not confident to do the quilting especially as this was for a gift, so off it went to my quilter, Mandy, who again did a lovely job with an overall swirl of her own design.

Sorry this picture doesn't capture the beautiful Pooh Bear brown of the minki but it does show the quilting design.

Here's the lovely minki colour that it really was.....trimmed with a plain peppermint binding.

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