Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Last Christmas I upgraded my Brother machine to a 1500D which has 100's of beautiful stitches. Thing is, I didn't think I would be using half of the stitches available.

Then along came Kate (my talented Sewing instructor) with an Heirloom Class especially for using all the features on your sewing machine.  Each week she teaches us either a new stitch or shows us a new foot to use to get the most out of our machine.

Full Fan Block

Here is the first completed block,

Using a cream print curtain fabric as the block base, I placed a crimped
material piece in the shape of a fan across the middle of the block.  A white straight sided lace was edged on the inner curve.

Lace radiated from the corner to the fan piece and then a decorative stitch in the fawn thread, was stitched between each row of lace.  This was fun, chosing which stitch to use, I tried a lot of them and decided that this one looked best.

A heavy lace was placed on the outer fan edge and this was clipped between the pattern so that it laid flat. I then had to free motion on the lace to attach it to the block. Finally another decorative stitch coming out from the heavy lace to appear as tear drops on the edge.

We are working towards 9 blocks which can be used as either a quilt or individual cushions, whatever you choose, but the emphasis is on learning new techniques.

The colour scheme is Cream on Cream and I am using two shades of fawn embroidery thread plus lots of beautiful laces.

Can't wait to see the next block we are sewing and what wonderful stitches I find on my machine.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


My gifts arrived weeks ago and it has taken all my strength to keep from opening them,  so when the 25th arrived, I rushed home from work, all excited,  to open my presents that were waiting for me.

For my first ever swap, I received wonderful gifts from O'faigh at Oldbury Cottage.

I debated on which present to open first and I went for the smallest first.  What a lovely surprise when I opened a beautifully embroidered redwork needle holder.   
Which one next.... another small package grabbed my attention and was pleasantly surprised to find a playful ivy garland with gorgeous buttons separating each leaf. 
Two presents left so I decided the big one next..... A exquisite table top/mini quilt adorned with matching buttons to the garland. 
Last but not least..... A unique wooden peg nativity ornament.
Big thank you's to both Cheryl at Gone Stitchin' for organising the swap and also to O'faigh for my wonderful presents.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


My first Swap - Christmas in July hosted by Gone Stitchin.  I had no idea what the level of expertise was required and I am really hoping that my receiver likes my gifts.  I loved being part of the swap and can't wait to see what surprises await me on 25th July.  

We had to hand make three (3) items and we could choose selections from the word Christmas.  I chose the letter T - tree, I - inspirational words and S - stocking.

Pattern : Craftsy - Swirled Christmas Tree. Very easy applique pattern using scraps of material.    I did a simple stipple on the back ground, edged and backed with green and with a simple sleeve, made a wall hanging.


Next item was another wall hanging but this one is suitable for everyday use.  From a pattern by Hugs N kisses, an 8" wide redwork embroidery with prairie points.
Lastly, 4 felt appliqued stockings for hanging on the tree or around the house.  They can hold little surprises and are about 4" high finished in blanket stitch.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


What a terrific idea these felt Christmas Stockings are.  Everything that you need is included in the kit and all pieces of felt are printed with the pattern to embroider on or sequin over.  I had so much fun doing the first one, that I am well on the way with my second.  

Here's the first one completely finished.........

First Stocking.......This one's for me!!

Close up of details

My second stocking is for Poppy and I am hoping this will be finished by Christmas.
Each night while the family are watching TV, I am sitting cutting, threading sequins and embroidering away, stuffing away where necessary as my stocking takes shape.  There are always little add on's, like  kittens, teddy bears or toys to bring it to life.  This one even has lights to be added to illuminate the stocking.

Santa looks so peaceful :)
Plenty of surprises in the bag

Sure each stocking takes a time, but little by little it builds up into a 3 dimensional story and will be a family heirloom for future generations.  I am looking around for more designs for the other members of the family and I think I will be busy for the next few months or even years!!  
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