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 For those who don't know what this is, every Monday a blogger is invited to share with the blog world a little about themselves by answering  four questions about their craft and then invite two/three of their blogger friends to continue the chain.

Linda from The Road to Oklahoma invited me to participate and I was thrilled.  I met Linda through our mutual involvement in the Gail Pan - Patchwork Loves Embroidery Sew A Long which is currently being run by Martina at Sunshine Quilting.    Not only does Linda do beautiful patchwork and embroidery on her blog, she also puts up recipes for delicious foods. 

Here are the question posed for the Blog Hop:

1)  What am I working on?
2)  How does my work differ from other of its genre?
3)  Why do I write/create what I do?
4)  How does my writing/creating process work?

Wow, at first I thought these questions don't relate to a humble patchwork/embroiderer who just does this for fun, but then I realized that everyone has a story no matter how simple the here I go:

 1)  What am I working on -

Where do I start.....when I took up sewing again after a ten year break ,  I promised myself to only have two big projects on the go at once.  Of course I can squeeze in the little projects to keep me motivated and here are my main two:-

McKenna Ryan - Bella Garden
McKenna Ryan - Bella Garden - This was my Christmas gift last year and I have almost finished all the applique and will now put on the three border colours.  Still thinking about the quilting, because it is such a detailed picture quilt, I dont think I will need a heavy quilt but I'm still debating.

Option One
Option Two

Heirloom Quilt -  This is a once a month class so this could be a very long quilt to make.  I have posted pictures on my blog of my completed blocks and I am currently working on another block - just have to work out the best layout,

As for the little on-going projects

A) Gail Pan Sew-A-Long -  Always enjoyable to meet other bloggers and joining this SAL has motivated me to finish each project and here's my third and forth  - two lovely embroidered pin cushions and a little tote bag.


B) Happy Birthday Bunting - Jake is turning one next week so I am rushing to do a Bunting for him for his party. Its a panel so its going together very quickly.

C) Sewing Retreat Gift - Each year for our sewing retreat, we make a mystery gift for another sewer and this year I have just finished this beautiful buckle bag designed by Leesa Chandler.  Hope the lucky lady loves it as much as I do (almost didnt want to give it up)

Bag Front

Bag Back with pocket

D) Christmas Stockings - Still working on my Bucilla Christmas Stocking for Poppy.  Havent done anything for a while but IT WILL be finished for this Christmas.  Once the SAL is over, I will get back to finishing it off and then starting another one for next year.

2)  How does my work differ from others
I suppose everyones work is different in some way even if it is just colour choices.  I am not a designer I simply follow the pattern I like but with my own materials.  I love patterns that combine hand embroidery and patchwork so I am leaning towards that at the moment. 

3)  Why do I write/create what I do?
That's an easy one.... I love it!  I forgot how much I really enjoy making things.  I use to make lots of handmade things when I had little children but then times change and work comes along and my hobbies got forgotten.  Then my first GS Jake came along and I've been making lots of things for him.

Jake - my inspiration

I love using my hands to create things and over the years have tried many crafts from paper tole to folk art painting.  I hate being idle so if I'm not stitching, I'm reading or cooking.

4)  How does my writing/creating process work?
For me, its as simple as finding something I like by using pinterest, blogs, google, books and other ideas.  I then source the pattern if I can, and then begin the hunt for material.  I always find the colour matching the hardest part of the process but once this is done, then its full steam ahead.  I like to try new things and I am currently experimenting with Crazy Quilting which will lead me to learn ribbon embroidery - see there's always something new around the corner.
First attempt at Crazy Patchwork

I have invited the following bloggers to carry on the Blog Hop as they have given me so much inspiration with my quilting: -

Mandy from Seams Sew Together who I have known since childhood, to participate in the Blog Hop.  Mandy does beautiful work and she has taken her Long Arm Quilting to another level.  She recently quilted my Briar Rose Quilt Top and turned it into something really special.  Take a look at her blog, its really worth it.

I discovered Linda from Linda Steele Quilts whilst searching Crazy Quilting on the internet.  Lucky for me, Linda is from Melbourne and I attended one of her Free Motion Classes last year.  Its her Crazy Quilt work that is fabulous and she even has her quilts displayed around the world. Take a look at her lovely embroidery and embellishments.

Thanks for listening to me for the past few minutes, its absolutely wonderful meeting so many talented bloggers/quilters over the past year or so.......please stay in touch.


Christine Barnsley said...

Hello Dawn! Loved reading your 'Around the World' post, it is such fun getting to know new bloggers. I love all the fabulous projects you are working on and Jake look a real cutie! Have a lovely week! :) Christine x

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn your story was very interesting ,thankyou and i love seeing your beautiful work and how cute is your GS,xx

Linda said...

Dawn what a great post! Your projects are all so pretty and I especially love the Bella Garden quilt. Jake is the perfect inspiration for new projects! :) So nice to read a bit about you. I'm looking forward to getting to know you even better.

Christine M said...

Hi Dawn. It was lovely getting to know a bit about you. Your projects are just lovely. Little Jake is such a cutie!

Melody said...

Beautiful sewing. Jake is SO cute. What a little darling.

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