Sunday, October 19, 2014


Have you ever taken on so much so quickly that you dont know where to turn to first??

Well I started a new Rosalie Quinlan embroidery class earlier this month and have been busy working on that project PLUS I am still committed to the Gail Pan SAL for my last project due next week (could be a little late...oops) PLUS still attending classes for my Heirloom Quilt Blocks PLUS now I have enrolled with Kathy from Shawkl for a Crazy Quilt Beginners Class (I think I might be crazy too)

This is an on-line class over approx 5-6 weeks working at your own pace.  We will learn how to design and piece a crazy quilt block plus all the embellishments.  I am especially looking forward to the Silk Ribbon Embroidery as I have never done this before.

Here is the block that we are all working towards making.  Its absolutely beautiful and I cant wait to start embroidering mine.

Photo taken from Shawklclasses.blogspot

As we finish each module/class, we post our work onto the blog shawklclasses and then receive instructions for the next stage.

Everyone is working at their own pace and there is no pressure to keep up.

Its a credit to Kathy as she has over 70 students this time and everything is so organised and professional.  I can tell she has done this many times before.

After the beginners class is complete, you can then progress to an intermediate class where we learn even more.

Take a look at the blog, you might want to join up next time.

I'll post each stage of my lesson so you can see how I'm going.


Christine Barnsley said...

Hello Dawn! Even just the crazy pieced together background block looks lovely so I can't wait to see it with all the stitching and embellishments!! :) xx Have a great week!

Christine M said...

The colours for your base block are very pretty Dawn. I'm looking forward to seeing your block grow.

Fiona said...

oooh... what fun... lots of beautiful work to do..

Flickenstichlerin said...

Dear Dawn,
sounds you are having fun. Looking forward to your progress.

Sharon said...

Your crazy block looks lovely - I was disappointed I missed out as I got my registration dates confused - perhaps the next time around.. There are quite a few groups around on the internet that are crazy based... Yes I agree Kathy seems to be one organised lady as she also heads up the CQJ site each year - Now there is lots of great crazy bling to catch your eye... I look forward to watching your progress...

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn that block is gorgeous,looking forward to seeing yours.xx

Seams Sew Together said...

Very pretty block, Im sure yours will be equally beautiful, have fun!

Deborah @Patchwork Atelier said...

Your block is fantastic, dear Dawn!!
I love the colors - and now I can't wait to see it with all the stitching and embellishments....

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