Wednesday, January 27, 2016

SAL 2016

Hooray .......joining the Sunshine Quilting Patchwork and Stitchery SAL 2016' has pushed me to finish a project that I had started in December.

Adding color to embroidery adds that extra zing to the finished project, and Jo from Gemelli Girls (check them out on Facebook) showed us how to combine coloring pencils and embroidery to achieve a beautiful result permanently!

First of all, we painted a small section of our printed embroidery pattern with a fabric medium

Then we colored that section in using Derwent Inktense pencils which actually have ink in the leads

Once the whole embroidery is colored and stitched, you iron the piece which sets the color permanently. You have the option to embroider first then color in or vice versa.

Add the border and hanging sleeve and it's ready to display

This ones ready for next Christmas and I'm thinking I might go over some of my old embroideries and color them too.


Flickenstichlerin said...

Dear Dawn,
how cute, what an extraordinary way to get a sparkling result.

Christine Barnsley said...

What a beautiful little project Dawn! Such a cute Teddy and an interesting technique! Have a lovely day! Christine x

Helen said...

Very pretty, another great project.x

Linda said...

How utterly cool! Did the background fabric have the little dots already or did you paint those too?

Cath said...

Wow Dawn.....I love the effect of colouring in your stitchery. I have seen it before but now I am re-inspired to give it a go.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn wow this is so cute,i always love seeing your work xx

Dasha said...

What fun! The embroidery really turned out nicely.

Martina said...

Hi Dawn, I loove your stitchery so much and the painting really adds a special touch to it! Thanks for showing us the process. I might have to try this out, lol! Hugs, Martina

sigisart said...

Dear Dawn,
what a lovely, cute little bear.
So nice!!!

Utili said...

Liebe Morgendämmerung,
das ist ja ein tolles Ergebnis, erst mit Stiften malen und dann sticken und gestalten. Ein ganz zauberhaft süßes Bärchen, passend für Weihnachten 2016.

Herzliche Grüße

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