Friday, January 3, 2014


You know how it is when you get something new and you want to do everything at once, and gradually you slow down and concentrate on perfecting your craft.  Well I am still in the first stage of trying to sew everything I see, so it was inevitable that I should attempt a bag!

I came across a lovely pattern by Leesa Chandler whilst I was visiting Western Australia on our latest holiday.  I studied the pattern and thought, yep,  I can do this!

I purchased some co-ordinating fabric from my local supplier (after changing my mind quite a few times, as usual!) and finished bag

I kept the quilting to a simple criss-cross design that I used my Walking Foot on, and purchased the buckle and handles from a patchwork/craft shop.

Very practical with pockets on the inside for my phone any what-nots, plus a huge pocket on the back.  I could even use this as a computer bag as it large enough to carry papers plus a laptop.  My preference is a beach tote as a towel, book, sunglasses and sun cream fit perfectly.  All ready for the Australian summer about to hit us.......bring on the sunshine. :)


Helen Martin said...

I really like this, how long did it take for you to finish? I am thinking of doing something similar for my niece.

Dawn said...

I tend to pop in and out of my sewing room so its a bit hard to say overall how long it took me but I am sure you could have it finished in a day or two, really easy pattern, the hardest part was picking the fabric. Good luck and would love to see your finished bag :)

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