Sunday, January 5, 2014


Material :  Moda Chic Charm Squares
Pattern :  Leesa Chandler 

Don't you just love those precut Charm Squares that you can buy in all colors and patterns.  I picked up a Moda Chic pack on my last holiday to West Australia and was just waiting for something to make.  I always think that having the material already matched is half the job done not to mention having them already cut, what a bonus !

My husbands Aunt is now confined to a wheelchair and as we often take her on outings, I felt she needed a lap quilt to cover her legs and keep her warm.  I looked around and found a pattern that would suit perfectly.  It was on Leesa Chandlers website (same designer as my Buckle Bag) and another bonus -it's free.

The top came together quite easily and then came the dreaded quilting arghhhh.  I have been practising my Free Motion but didn't feel it was good enough to use on a quilt yet, so I opted to use my walking foot.  

I chose to do double argyle lines so I set to drawing lines across the top of the quilt with my erasable pen ( I am fussy with distance and accuracy)  The only advice I would offer, is to gently push the material back against the action of the walking foot otherwise you will get a pleat when two lines meet.
I intend to sew ties onto the back so we can secure it to the wheel chair for our next outing. Hope she 
likes it, I do :) 

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Seams Sew Together said...

You have done a great job Dawn ,very pretty!!

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