Sunday, June 28, 2020


Finally, its finished!  Round the Garden designed by Wendy Williams was started January 2019 and whilst its been and on/off project, I have really enjoyed this quilt.

The quilt is all hand stitched with felt and embroidery.  I learnt so many new embroidery stitches and utilized the instruction of Sue Spargo on many of the designs.

Felt is such a forgiving medium to work and the beautiful bright colours always bring a pop to the quilt.  I've seen many versions of the quilt in the light background, but I always wanted to try a dark background and the Navy Linen that I used certainly did the trick.

The only difficult part of the job was the fact that it is worked as a whole quilt and the size of the top did cause a few problem is trying to balance everything on my lap at night.

I decided not to put a border around the quilt top and just finished the edge with a multi-coloured binding.  This kept the size down so that I can hang on my wall at home.

I didn't have to do alot for the quilting, as the work itself was the feature.  A stipple background on most of the areas did the trick.
For the water area, I did quilt wavy lines to create the feeling of water.

Love my little Rooster with the pistil stitch feathers on his back.  Also my favorite tree would have to be the Boab Tree underneath my rooster.

Colourful batik rainbow binding on the edge of the quilt.

I wouldn't want to count just how many French knots went into this quilt top!!

Have already started my next project, using up all the excess felt.....stay tuned.
Bye for now and happy sewing



Helen said...

Looks great Dawn, love your inner circle of flowers, it is one of my favourite patterns.

White Rose said...

Hi Dawn wow this is awesome and so colourful this will look fantastic on your wall,well done on all your beautiful work,I love Wendy's designs too,hope you have a lovely week xx

Rebecca said...

Oh MY Such a happy and pretty quilt!
this one is on my "Maybe...Someday.... Not going to happen list.."
But I love to see it made up

PaintedThread said...

Wow, this is fantastic! The colors! The details! So much stitching. What a wonderful finish.

Christine B said...

This is a fabulous quilt Dawn! Your stitching is beautiful and the quilt is so colourful! Love it! Hope you're keeping well! Hugs Christine xxx

Flickenstichlerin said...

this quilt is gorgeous. What a statement to stitching. Wonderful. Congratulations.

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