Wednesday, September 2, 2020


 Now that I have finished Round The Garden and finding myself with lots of beautifully coloured felt left over, I went looking for something to make in felt.

Searching through Pinterest and then Etsy, I came across mmmcrafts.  Larissa designs patterns for some intricate felt pieces and the one series I chose to do was The Twelve Days of Christmas.

I selected a range of colours that I would use, and bought all the trimmings that I would need from Winterwood Toys in Croydon.

The first four ornaments:- 1) Partridge in a pear tree, 2) Turtle Dove 3) French Hen 4) Calling Bird

Each ornament has the number embroidered on the reverse.

Number 7) -Swans a swimming

Number 8) - Maids a Milking

Number 9-Drummers Drumming

Number 10) - Pipers Piping

Number 11) - Ladies Dancing

Number 12 - Lords a Leaping


PaintedThread said...

These are adorable! What lovely detail.

Debbie said...

I have admired this ornament series for some time. Beautiful job!

Christine B said...

They are beautiful Dawn! Hope you get some more finished in time for Christmas!! Hope you are keeping well! Hugs Christine xx

Susan said...

Just adorable...I love them.

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